Astrid profileI am a DPhil in Management Studies, and a member of Green Templeton College.

My thesis explores how we interpret advertising and other tools of persuasion: I propose that the reader cannot be seen as disembodied from either brain or environment, and I make the case that these aspects can be studied fruitfully in tandem. In my first paper, introduce cognitive literary theory to advertising research, and explore its value. In my second paper, I interrogate how distant and close readings can contribute to the understanding of advertising culture. I focus on the historic Maidenform Dreams campaign that ran from 1949 to 1969, and demonstrate how iterating between close and distant reads can challenge certain assumptions in advertising history and theory. In my third and final paper, I  combine cognitive literary theory and distant reading to offer a new explanation of the Dreams campaign’s phenomenal success. This project is supervised by Linda M. Scott and Kate Blackmon, and generously supported by the ESRC, the Scatcherd European Scholarship, and the GTC-SBS DPhil Scholarship.

My interest in marketing was awakened during my work experience as a brand strategist. As I tapped into my training as a film theorist, I grew increasingly intrigued by the highly intuitive nature of the work – gut feeling and cultural savvy seemed as important as business skills when formulating successful brand strategies. This insight led me to question the current brand literature, and to my research interests today.


2013 – Present    DPhil Management Studies, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

2011 – 2012           MSc Management, London Business School

2009 – 2010           MSt Film Aesthetics (Distinction), University of Oxford

2006 – 2009           BA Liberal Arts (Summa cum laude), University College Maastricht